Way more effort needs to be put towards helping veterans. For instance the health records of veterans needs to be digitized quicker ( There are so many veterans being harmed due to the inefficiencies of the support systems for veterans, and the systems needs to be more efficient. Veterans are a part of our society, and those that need help should get help to assist this country in moving forward and becoming greater.

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In addition to helping veterans, we need to spend more money improving the United States of America, and decrease military spending overseas. We have such a huge deficit and military spending has an impact on that. A lot of the money from military spending needs to go directly towards paying back our debt.  The more we spend at home on building the country, and the less people we send into conflicts, the more people in the country that don’t have to go through the horrifying realities of war and the aftereffects caused by physical injury, PTSD, homelessness, and other issues that harm veterans returning from conflicts.