Military and Self Defense

If the government were to only spend 50% of the tax revenue it takes in, assuming 2017 tax revenues and current debt levels staying the same, it would take over 10 years to pay off the federal debt. The federal government needs to stop entangling itself in unnecessary and costly conflicts abroad. To ensure more peace and prosperity, I want to propose a constitutional amendment similar to Japan’s Article 9 provision of the country only being allowed a self defense force. I want to add to this amendment that we will come to the aid of any allies attacked, but that we won’t support allies if they attack someone else first.

The federal government is currently in the process of supporting Kurdish forces, and this could lead to a similar situation to the past where we supported violent rebel leaders fighting against a government enemy, and then that created more chaos. Operation Cyclone ( – I know it’s Wikipedia but it has legitimate sources cited so I’ll count it in this case) was an operation where the CIA worked to arm the mujahideen in Afghanistan to basically fight a proxy war against the Soviet Union. I believe the after effects of this proxy war are a big reason for the issues we are still having in the USA’s longest conflict in it’s history, which is the conflict in Afghanistan.
The Kurdish support draws parallels to the Afghanistan situation, and the road ahead looks extremely expensive. A main reason I believe that people in the government of the USA want to support Kurdish forces is that Kurdish leaders are friendly to Israel, and in the general region that Israel is in it is hard to find people in governments who like Israel ( I support peaceful support of Israel, but I don’t support the USA spending even more money we don’t have to keep perpetuating violent conflicts in the region. If Israel is in fact directly attacked, as an ally the USA should help defend them. To give you an idea of how much countries in that region dislike Israel, in 2015 there were 20 resolutions against Israel, and 3 against the other parts of the world ( In 2017 there were 21 resolutions against Israel from the UN, and 6 against other areas of the world ( In many of these resolutions, there of course are countries from around the world who vote against Israel and the USA usually votes for Israel. So people in the federal government of the USA are already determined to support Israel, but I want to argue that we do so without offensive military strategy, and without spending more money we don’t have.
The government has spent way too much money fighting ideological conflicts abroad. It will take many years to pay off the debt which the military spending is a massive reason for the debt. The longer we wait to cut spending to sustainable levels, the worse things could become when we are forced to pay back instead of taking the time to choose to pay back. In 2015, the USA spent more than the next 7 largest militaries, and the increase in military spending has gone up even more (