More funding needs to be put forward for an efficient repair and upgrade of our infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US a grade of D+ overall for infrastructure ( This is a role that is important for a government to play and it needs to be done right. A proper and updated infrastructure helps to ensure that companies in the US can transport their goods across the country properly, and it helps the economy overall.

I also want to propose funding to create underground electrical wires for tornado prone areas of the country (like in the 8th congressional district of Indiana). With the wires being above ground, there is a risk of them being damaged which cuts off power to those who need it. In addition to the blackouts, these above ground wires, when broken, can also pose a huge risk to people who are near it. This also requires a maintenance crew, and a lot of times firefighters, to come out to ensure safety and restore power which uses more resources. Having electrical wires below ground and out of the path of wind and debris can create a safer environment (especially in cities) and save the electric companies maintenance costs over time. A big reason that this hasn’t happened in the past is because above ground wires are cheaper up front, which is why some government funding going towards upgrading this part of the infrastructure can help a lot.