I’m in favor of the DACA and DREAM acts. I’m also in favor of making it much easier to become a citizen of the USA, and I support merit based immigration rather than a randomized system. I also support the Farm Bureau’s stances on immigration reform at 2 key parts mentioned on the site are:

  • The creation of a new market-based visa program that is available to both seasonal and year round farmers, administered by the USDA, and that provides flexibility for employers and workers by allowing contract and at-will employment options, and
  • An adjustment of status for experienced, but unauthorized, agricultural workers.

I’m against spending money to build the border wall between the USA and Mexico. The country is already in a bunch of debt, and the wall in my opinions seems like too much government spending.

I’m in the process of considering (morally and cost effectiveness wise) an idea of randomized audits of companies to find if they have illegal immigrants working for them. Most of the people who are illegal immigrants in the USA overstay their visa, and a wall wouldn’t be keeping them out if they are simply overstaying their visas. A wall also wouldn’t keep out people who dig a tunnel underneath the wall, ride a boat around the wall, put a tall ladder up to the wall to climb over it, and so forth. A randomized audit could discourage businesses from hiring illegal immigrants for fear that their business could be next. This audit would be an ongoing program to check for illegal immigrants. There would be penalties if caught with illegal immigrants being used for work. As of writing I’m going back and forth on my support of the audit idea. I need more of a cost benefit analysis done before I support it. I don’t want the audit program to end up costing a lot, similar to the cost of the wall, considering how far in debt the federal government is.

Here is a good article