Part of self reliance and family safety is being able to make an informed decision about what foods you are putting into your body. I support the proper labeling of food for this reason. For instance, if some people are not comfortable eating GMO (genetically modified organism) food, they should have the right to look at packaging and know whether or not the product is to their personal standards. Another example is country of origin labeling. With this labeling you are able to know if your food comes from a country of higher or lower standards in regards to animal raising practices, which can have an effect on your health as well.

(image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Watermelon-2.JPG)

Having an overall high level of consumer protection is very important for you and your family. More needs to be done to enforce the current consumer protection standards to ensure that you have safe products when you go to the store. This is very important for safety and overall wellbeing.