An ‘all-the-above’ energy approach ( is a good choice for America. America should generate as much of its own energy as it can, and this is a national security, human rights, and environmental quality issue. There also needs to be a push for less dependence on foreign oil to help with this. A lot of the oil that we import comes from regimes that constantly abuse human rights, and whose economy depends a lot on oil. Instead of supporting the economy and jobs of places that abuse human rights like that, more energy jobs should be created here. This includes retaining jobs in current energy sectors, as well as expanding jobs in renewable energy sectors such as wind, hydro, piezoelectric, and solar energy. Creating these sources of renewable energy in the 8th Congressional District, along with more traditional sources of energy, can help alleviate the jobs being lost in this district due to the current decreased demand in coal from the region, caused a great deal by the current low natural gas prices.

As a fun fact, this website is hosted by a company that buys wind energy credits, which helps to subsidize, through a private business, the cost of wind energy.

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