There needs to be more concrete solutions in order to keep and grow jobs in America. Indiana has a long manufacturing history that needs to thrive in the modern day. I want to propose subsidies for manufacturing robots in order to help keep and expand these manufacturing jobs in Indiana. This will create high skilled jobs when people work with these robots, and also help to keep these jobs from going to other countries with worse working conditions and less human rights. More manufacturing jobs here will help America to change its current trade deficit.

The federal corporate tax rate in America is too high. I will propose that the corporate tax rate be brought down to 15% for all brackets. 15% is currently the lowest percentage for the lowest bracket only. More resources need to be put towards ensuring that corporations are paying their fair share of tax, and collecting on this tax is an important role of the state to keep other functions running, such as building infrastructure and repaying the nation’s debt. This includes closing the loopholes which allow corporations to not pay their fair share of tax. This lower federal corporate tax rate will also allow states more freedom in regards to their corporate tax codes. At the same time taxes on people making above $1,000,000 in a year should be in their own tax bracket. This will encourage businesses to keep the money in their businesses for growth instead of in the hands of a few people in the company.